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15"x17" Clear High Barrier Bags (100 per pack)

15"x17" Clear  High Barrier Bags (100 per pack)
15"x17" Clear  High Barrier Bags (100 per pack)
15"x17" Clear  High Barrier Bags (100 per pack)
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15"x17" Clear  High Barrier Bags (100 per pack)
15"x17" Clear  High Barrier Bags (100 per pack)
15"x17" Clear  High Barrier Bags (100 per pack)
15"x17" Clear High Barrier Bags (100 per pack)
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Skunkworx Packaging's bags are the FIRST and ONLY Completely Clear High Barrier Bags on the market!

Skunkworx Packaging's bags are Made in the USA from FDA food‐contact approved materials, and are completely BPA free.

These bags are far superior to your everyday turkey bags! And they're better than Mylar bags too.  Every farmer that has used them are instantly converted and never want to see another turkey bag again.

Since cannabis is a living plant, it has a very specific respiration rate. Our bags provide the ideal amount of oxygen and moisture to pass through to optimize the curing rate of cannabis flower. They are ideal for both farmers and end users alike. Flower is guaranteed to last and improve an entire year in our bags.  And, of course, our bags block all odors.

Please note that turkey bags, Polyester bags, and Nylon bags do NOT provide enough barrier properties to adequately protect the flower or terpenes.  Conversely, Mylar, foil, and Metalized Polyester bags provide too much barrier and don't let the flower breathe and can cause the flower to smell bad or mold over time.  Our bags provide the perfect amount of Oxygen and Moisture gas transmission.

Flowers are guaranteed to stay fresh for at least one year in these bags!

Compare the benefits over turkey bags:

Skunkworx Clear Barrier Zippered Bags All Turkey Bags on the Market Today
  • Dual zipper allows multiple uses
  • Can only be tied or twist tied
  • 2 Layers of Nylon!
  • Only 1 Layer of Nylon
  • 3 mils thick!
  • Only 1 to 1.5 mils thick
  • High Oxygen barrier layer
  • 0.26cc/100sqin/24 hours
  • Mediocre Oxygen barrier
  • 2.6cc/100sqin/24 hours
  • Good Moisture barrier
  • 0.32g/100sqin/24 hours
  • Worst‐Rated Moisture barrier material
  • 19g/100sqin/24 hours
  • Heat seal layer allows bag to be sealed for
    the ultimate in odor protection
  • No heat seal layer so odor molecules can
    work their way through the tied bags
  • Tear notch for easy opening of sealed bag
  • No tear notch

Remember, if it's not Skunkworx, it stinks!

Bag Specifications:
• Dimensions: 15" x 17" / 381mm x 431.8mm
• Thickness: 3 mil / 0.0762mm
• Weight: 0.995 oz / 28.2 g
• Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR): 0.26cc/100sqin/24 hours
• Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate (MVTR): 0.32g/100sqin/24 hours
• 100 Per pack

Skunkworx is owned and operated by a Packaging Engineer with degrees in Packaging Science and Business plus
30 years’ experience in the food, pharma, personal care and nutraceutical industries.

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