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About Us

Our main goal here at Skunkworx Packaging is to help our customers improve their business, through the use of high quality packaging.  We want to help you protect your profits, starting with protecting your products.

Having over 30 years of Packaging Science and over 10 years of farming experience, our company has engineered high barrier packaging to help cannabis farmers prevent their products from drying out, preserving the terpenes, and even helping with the curing process.

How does it work?
When dealing with organic product, you must understand transmission rates. With our packaging background and experience with protecting living breathing plants, we’ve engineered a plastic film resin that matches up with the transmission rates of cannabis perfectly! With the proprietary resin used, we can control the appropriate amount of oxygen and moisture transmission needed to optimize the product freshness for a full year!  This same blend is also extremely effective in protecting the terpenes from oxidation, thereby helping to lock the aroma inside the bag.

How will it help your business?
  • Increase product shelf life (100x’s the barrier of turkey bags!)
  • Preserve terpenes for maximum aroma
  • Smell proof to help with storage and shipping
  • Improves curing process inside packaging
  • Durable and puncture resistance
  • Reusable
  • Stronger seals